About Us

You’ll find the Innovative solutions to be very professional. We'll do our best to develop a personalized solution that fits your space and your budget. We also will match any competitor that you bring to us. Whether we are building a new closet, adding shelves in the garage, or dreaming about a bookcase in the family room, we want to make sure we can fit our products and services into your budget.

We stand for outstanding personalized design. Our years of experience, understanding and defining space allow for unparalleled expertise. If you've seen our work, you know that we blend functionality with a beautiful aesthetic like no other company.

Today, Innovative creates personalized cabinetry, shelving, offices, bars, media centers, bookcases, and many other home space solutions—more every year for homeowners who want to get the most out of their homes, beautifully!

- any space
- any time
- any budget
- easy process
- amazingly fast
- solutions that last